Tensor Pilot Pump

Tensor AB provides pilot pumps as OEM or replacement products for sprinkler systems.


Tensor Pilot pumps are used in sprinkler or mist systems for marine vessels, such as cruise and cargo ships, buildings like train and metro stations, industrial buildings as well as public buildings like hotels, shopping malls, schools and hospitals, and many more.

The Tensor Sprinkler pilot pump is the way to pressurize the system when it’s not in use. Always have water in the pipes.  When the fire starts you don´t want any air to come out of the system.


The pilot pumps are used by fire extinguishing system suppliers such as ULTRA FOG.
Tensor AB has supplied the market with more than 500 pilot pumps in the last 10 years.

A new version of Tensor Pilot Pumps
In July 2023, there is a new release of the Tensor Pilot Pumps. All the new orders from July -23 will be the new version Pilot Pumps. Type no: 2200691000/2.

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