Hydraulic Cutters

The Tensor hydraulic cutting system is a proven design fast to operate, plug and play, and easy to maintain

All our Cutters can be delivered with Tensor pump units, ready to execute their first cut direct after the power is supplied.


We deliver both hydraulic and pneumatic cutters for hole-, net-, square-, tube-, wire-, rod-, spring- and solid steel cutting.

Handheld cutters up to 0,8 Mega Newton (MN) and special project cutter for very large cuts up to 4,1 MN.

Our largest cutter so far is a Control Rod Cutter for a Nuclear power plant in Sweden, which cuts the reactor control rod. Rods with a diameter of 80mm. They save a lot of time in the handling of the rods, instead of cutting them in a conventional way. The cutter can operate submerged and cuts without metal shavings.

Tensor has delivered Timble Tube Cutters, Probe Pipe Cutters and Control Rod Cutters for Nuclear Power Plants for many years. For more information contact Tensor