Bolt Gauge 3.0

The Tensor Bolt Gauge 3.0 (TBG 3.0) is the third-generation Elongation Measurement system from Tensor. It has been designed for fast and reliable measurement reading, and storing stud measurement values and elongation calculations. The 3.0 version has a larger screen and a better processor for faster execution.

The TBG includes procedural support where each measured value is confirmed by the Hand Unit operator before it is stored.

The TBG is pre-programmed for up to 24 flanges. The tool can be used all over your plant.
Configuration is done via an easy-to-use configuration wizard on a PC. 

The TBG stores both the stud measurement values and calculate each stud's elongation.

Each Stud is measured before the Tensioning starts as a master measurement, and is stored directly in the Hand Unit. All values are saved and visible in the Hand Unit. When you are done a quick save is done to a USB stick and will be visible in Excel. The TBG operation is managed from the Hand Unit interactive screen. Measured stud values and calculated elongations can be transferred to the PC from the Hand Unit. For all communication between the TBG unit standard wireless protocols are used.